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Course Description

Microsoft Office is a collection of the client, server, and web-based software and services created by Microsoft. Bill Gates originally unveiled it on August 1, 1988. Microsoft Office comes in a variety of versions, each of which includes a set of apps for a certain fee. It has various core apps and services

• Microsoft Word

• Microsoft Excel

• Microsoft Powerpoint

• Microsoft Access

What will you learn?

• Create and customize fields in accordance with the usage in Microsoft Word.

• Insert various Shapes, Icons, and Add-ins.

• Prepare documents and Manage Layouts.

• Create Excel sheets and adjustment of Conditional formatting.

• Insert and modify Illustrations, Charts, and Tables.

• Apply formulae for complex math estimations.

• Apply Filter and sort out the giant data.

• Apply macros to filter out the required data.

• Store various types of data.

• Make Presentations in PowerPoint.

• Apply Transitions and animations to various slides as per the usage.

• Gaining a complete understanding of the Database environment.

• Manage Relational Database Environment.

• Create and manage user interface in Access.


• Basic computer keyboard knowledge is required.


Basics of Computer Components

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Microsoft Word

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MS Excel

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Microsoft Powerpoint

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